Our History

The History of our Consulting Firm

At Vertic, we have been focused on delivering digital solutions to the social sector in Australia and New Zealand for over 9 years now. We are focused exclusively on working within the nonprofit sector to make sure we have the knowledge, experience, and solution components to support your strategic objectives.

  • 2010

    Company Founded

    We got started

    Working at a large consulting firm at the time, we saw an opportunity to change the approach to consulting to be more focused on value and delivery rather than commercial contracts and legal compliance. We wanted to engage differently, based on positive human interactions, and have stuck to this principal ever since.

  • 2011

    Dedication to Social Change

    Introduction to Nonprofit Sector

    A little by accident we "fell" into the Australian social sectors by getting introduced to the Alannah and Madeline Foundation who have done some fantastic work around child safety and online bullying. We took an instant liking to the social impact we could make using our technical skills. We have loved it since that day.

  • 2011

    Using our Experience

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM

    At the time, we knew the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform very well, as this has been our experience. It was a natural process for us to start our consulting firm based on this technology stack and we saw some early adoption within the sector. This story would change over the years to come...

  • 2013

    Making the Switch

    Exclusive Salesforce Focus

    Over time, we found the Dynamics CRM platform to be limited in its ability to meet our client's growing needs, such as more scalable and flexible solutions that can be "owned" by the client rather than technical consulting firms. We were introduced to Salesforce and never looked back. An amazing platform.

  • 2015

    Significant Fundraising Amount

    First $1 million Fundraised

    A very proud moment in our history is when we had the privilege to work with Good Friday Appeal to raise money for the Melbourne Royal Children's Hospital. This was also the first time our fundraising and payment solutions raised over $1 million in a single day, in fact we helped those guys raise over $18 million.

  • 2016

    Loving New Zealand

    Expansion to New Zealand

    After having spent many years implementing strong nonprofit digital solutions in Australia, we were introduced to Blind Foundation in Auckland, New Zealand. Having worked with those guys now for over 2 years on a digital transformation, we are extremely proud of this partnership and the changes this organisation is making to people.

  • 2017

    European Office

    Dedicated Belarus Office

    Our development team had been in Europe for a while but much more distributed up until the time we opened a dedicated office in Minsk with all of our technical team centralised to service the needs of our clients. This has the added bonus of being able to go to Europe once a year!

  • 2018

    Making a real Difference

    Large Implementation Experience

    We have come a long way since starting on a vision of providing consulting services with a real human element and focus on quality digital solutions rather than complex contracts and legal processes. We are now very privileged to work with some of the most significant nonprofit organisations in Australia and New Zealand, such as Beyond Blue, Greenpeace, Blind Foundation, Good Friday Appeal, Australian Volunteers International, Kids Under Cover, Westpac Foundation, and Baptcare.