Vertic’s Support Offering


It’s a Journey

Vertic support is designed to facilitate the needs of organisations who have implemented tailored software solutions. Our support journey keeps your business systems flourishing by ensuring your implementation remains a central component of your business process and by driving progressive technology growth with you.



Professional Experience

Our team has an extensive knowledge of the digital platforms we deliver across a variety of business areas and sectors. All our consultants have been trained and are professionally certified within the platforms we deliver. We take great pride in ensuring our consultants are well versed in understanding your environments and can provide exceptional consulting services to your organisation and team.


We value Relationships

We believe in understanding how your organisation works first and foremost – we’ll then be better positioned to help you build an evolving system that supports your organisation into the future. We believe that the foundation of a strong business relationship is built on trust, strong communication and a well-defined structure for achieving growth whilst taking advantage of the underlying technical platform.


Our Support Process

We’ll work with you to ensure that you’re getting the best value out of your support hours and we’ll adapt our approach to meet the needs of your organisation. Whether it be general support, employee training, business process improvement, new enhancements, reporting or something else – we’re here to service all your Salesforce needs.

Vertic is driven by a determined focus on high quality, timely support services. We believe in ensuring your systems operate without issue so you can focus on your business operations. We believe that our success is based on your success.


You are in Control

Your select how much time you want to purchase from Vertic each month as well as what enhancements need to be delivered each month based on your priorities.


Technical Expertise

Our technical team is extremely competent in the platforms we deliver. We guarantee our work and put strong KPI in place to ensure quality of service to you.


Select your Terms

We don’t have lock-in terms and support contracts; you select the duration of your support journey with us and we make sure you receive the value to keep going.