2017 March

Bring to the table win-win survival strategies to ensure proactive domination. At the end of the day, going forward, a new normal that has evolved from generation.

Vertic is excited to introduce a support strategy that plays to the strengths of the Salesforce platform. We prefer to not call this “support”, but more appropriately label it the “customer journey”, facilitating steady growth of your platform to ensure that the system continually grows and drives progressive business processes. While time is allocated to typical break/fix support, more time is allocated to system enhancements and change management (training, reporting, process improvement). This ensures that your business system strategy is optimised by providing value for money and a structure for perpetual enhancement. This approach provides immediate value to your organisation, enhancement requests don’t sit idle in a queue and the versatile nature of the Salesforce platform means deployments are quick and easy.

The robust nature of modern IT platforms means that organisations no longer need to spend as much of their IT budget on break/fix type support strategies. This opens the door for progressive organisations to focus their support strategy on enhancing their systems to align more closely with business goals and better support business processes. As an organisation becomes more aware of the capabilities of their system, identifying ways to innovate becomes a key strategy in gaining a competitive advantage and achieving growth. The support strategy should facilitate this approach by being flexible and adapting to the needs of the organisation.

With any successful implementation it’s inevitable that users will identify new areas and processes of the business that the system can support. The versatility of the Salesforce Platform empowers organisations to easily implement new functionality when these areas are discovered. More than ever, it’s vital for successful organisations to manage an ongoing cyclical system process of Identify, Design, Develop, Test, Deploy, Review. The Salesforce platform is well structured to support this process and can provide rapid growth at cost-effective development costs.

It’s extremely important to create a culture of strong communication and feedback, to continually analyse that the system is aligning with business goals and explore areas of the system that can better support the organisation. This is how modern day support should be delivered. It’s crucial for organisations to seek a system partner who can provide excellent guidance in this area. Ultimately this approach will facilitate a happier and more productive user group, resulting in improved service delivery and greater personal growth for employees.

Welcome to the Vertic Customer Journey.